March and April


Whew! It’s been a busy couple of months.  Between job searching, moving, and design work, I have been jam packed with things to fill my time.  This blog will be a bit long but only because I have two months of work to cover!  Feel free to skim until you find something that looks interesting! I’ll try to keep it all light and entertaining.


Davis Delivery Route Video-

This video was more technical than most of what I do.  It really was a function over form type of video, and being clear and detail filled was more important than looking fantastic.  I created all of the assets used in the video, including map, markers, and buildings.  A simple squash and stretch goes a long way on making a realistic drop animation!

Downtown’s Healthcare-
Hospital Banner.png
This banner was made for a small clinic in Denver.  They needed a clean way to display all of their services over the check in desk. This banner was based on a few other designs I found on the web, which I joined together to match what the client liked.  Pretty straightforward job.

STRYD Research Projects- 
Adrian A0.pngOsamaPosterFinal.png










These posters were made for a publication on a new running tracker device called the STRYD.  One client wanted something more colorful and the other one wanted something more technical.  I really enjoyed the colors and style in this project.

Grizzly Youtube Intro-

This intro was made for my buddy who wanted some new branding for his YouTube channel.  The logo was extruded in Element3D, particle effects added with Particular, and the background shockwaves are from VideoCopilot’s Shockwave pack. This was a really fun project and I am super happy with how it turned out.

Creative Eight Logo animation- 

This logo was for a client that works in “Creative services”.  I originally had the 2 E’s moving a significantly different way, which I preferred, but the client wanted it different, and I have to continually remind myself that I am creating these graphics for the client and not myself.

CorporateLife animation-

this project was for a client that was making an educational business simulator game.  Ultimately the client was unhappy with the style and ended up going with another designer, but for the budget, I was happy with what I came up with.  2D character animation is not easy!


“THANK YOU” animation-

I have been calling this the “THANK YOU” animation since I started the project.  I’m not entirely sure what it was for, the client didn’t give me much information other than what he wanted it to look like.  I used puppet pins for the leaf animations which made it super quick and easy (About 30 seconds per leaf) to animate. The client was extremely happy with the final product and I am working on another project for him, seen below.

iPhone Text Conversation-

As stated above, this project was for the same client as the Thank You animation.  It was super easy to replicate the iPhone messenger system, and the animations were pretty simple too.  Based on this project, I am considering getting into some UI/UX design, because it was fun to create a fake interface, and it came out very realistic and similar to the actual iPhone one.

Wolf of Wallstreet Open- 

I’m also not really sure what this project was used for.  Part of what I love about design is the unique and bizarre jobs that I get to do on a daily basis.  I think this was a class assignment, but I was fine doing it because the client paid well and I love the movie so I had lots of ideas.  I am happy with how it turned out, but I would like to add sound (Client didn’t want sound) to make it a more complete portfolio piece. ALL of the assets (Besides 2 of the backgrounds, Margot Robbie, and the based on a true story text) were created by me.

Reaction Game Video- 

This project was for a reaction game. Basically, you click as soon as you see a moose appear on the screen and you get a grade that tells you “how old your reactions are” in an age, from 13-85 or something like that.  The video loops at 10 seconds, so it can be anywhere from 2 to 20 seconds long before the moose appears, and there will be no harsh seams from the video repeating. The client asked for a “more realistic version with a turning track and real looking mountains”.  I told him that realistically it would take me over 40 hours at my hourly rate, to which he quickly said “don’t worry about it, this is fine. Motion graphics aren’t cheap!

Sports are Philly and T-shirt designs-
eSportsArePhilly.pngTrustTheComputer-100.jpgJoel Embiid Burger.png

This client needed a logo made for “e-sports” within his Sports Are Philly sports blog.  The logo on the left is that updated version, with the background being an E.  The second and third images were made for T-shirt designs to be sold on his website,

Steve’s Logos- 

I did a few logo updates and reformatting for one of my clients.  Pretty straight forward modernization while trying to keep the general feel, theme, and color scheme of the old logo.

YEVU Logo- 
This logo was made for a company in Australia.  Not really sure what the company is, but the client had a pretty specific font she wanted, and I made some embellishment on the top and bottom along with some small edits to the font.  pretty straightforward.


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