February Update


Hey all,  I am going to start doing a monthly blog update, compiling some of my projects from the month into a single post.  I am hoping this can be a blog that I point potential clients to so they can see exactly what I am working on month to month. This won’t be every single project I have worked on, but mostly the top few that come to mind when I look back on my work.

TheBestCrib.com Explainer

Ultimately this client ended up not having the money for the project, so we scraped it in it’s current state.  I am pretty proud of what I was able to come up with, considering I had never done an explainer video before.  This is only about 45 seconds completed of a 65 second explainer, but I feel the art style and quality were very nice, considering the volume of work to be done.  I did my best to not cut any corners with this projects and I was hoping for it to be a diamond in my portfolio, but ultimately the time it would take to finish and polish it would not be worth it.

Knit – Customer Stories Logo Animation

This project was a pretty simple logo animation that only took me around an hour to complete, but I was really happy with the way it turned out!  To start this project I had to re-create the logo in vector form (I did this in After Effects because the vector was pretty simple), and then add some reveal animation that was aesthetically pleasing.  Motion blur really is the key with these types of animations.  It helps to smooth the animation and makes it look much more “realistic”

Zachary Taylor Logo Design

Zachary Taylor Logo Presentation
I have started to play around with .psd mock-ups for my logos to help them feel more realistic, and to help the client visualize it in real life.  I  think it adds a lot to the reveal experience for the client, and drives a positive feeling when they see their logo to the business they started posted on a wall or on a stationary, etc.  This logo was made for a psychiatrist who works primarily with stress/anxiety.   The idea behind the logo is that Zachary helps to get the gears moving smoothly again.

This logo was a lot of fun to design.  I did some research into what other psychiatrists use for their logos and when I saw the head outline used, I got the idea for the stroke.  After a little while playing around with different ideas for inside the brain, I ended up going with the gears because it fills the head well and also had a pretty simple to understand symbolic meaning.  For a psychiatrist attracting clients, I felt that was really important; having some sort of imagery that was relatable and memorable.

Tri-State Glass & Window

Tri-State Glass and Window Mock-Up

This logo was designed for (surprise!) a glass and window company.  A very simple logo, but very elegant in it’s simplicity.  Just a standard DIN-pro font with a simple box around the TRI.  I was very happy when I finished this and added it to the mock-ups because I think it looks very professional and very real (in terms of logos you would expect to see out and about).

I felt like I gained a lot of confidence from this logo.  When designing for 99designs.com, you compete against literally 99 other designs. Almost every time I finish my design, I look at the other postings, and scrap it because I can tell that it has no chance of winning.  With this one I think there is a real chance it could win.

Copeland Creative

I created this logo for Caleb, the client that contracted me for the Make It Happen open.  He has started his own company since then and needed this logo animation for his videography reel.  He and I have a pretty decent work relationship now, and I feel pretty confident that he will continue coming to me with more graphics, which I am stoked about because his projects are always very fun to work on!

I took the aperture animation from Caleb’s logo (Sorry!) and used it in this quick animation I made as a Homage to Portal & Portal 2 (video games).  It was just too close to the original logo.  I couldn’t help myself.


Alright, I know that was a long blog, but I hope you enjoyed!  I think in a few months (or even a year from now) I will have these blogs to look back on and it will be a great way to see how far I come.  I enjoy designing graphics and I am hoping it is something I can stick with for a while because I really think I could get pretty good at it.  I have the software knowledge down, the bigger hurdle is the actual elements of design.  The only way to get better is practice!  #Create #Refine #Repeat

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